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Our Mission at Anchor Christian Church

God has called us and leads us by His Spirit

to live the love of Christ,

have the mind of Christ,

and do the work of Christ.

Who We Are

• Our members serve Jesus Christ as the Living Son of God, and our Savior and Lord.


• We believe that the Bible is the revelation of God’s Word and will for us. The Bible alone is our final authority and only rule of faith and practice.


• We are a free church with Christ as our head. We are not ruled by any denominational authority, but seek to live under the direction of God’s Holy Spirit. We choose elders, ministry leaders, staff, and others to lead us, and we determine our own policies and practices, voluntarily cooperating with other Christians in fulfilling our Lord’s  Great Commission to make disciples of all people.


• We are devoted to the cause of Christian unity, and we will work with anyone anywhere on the basis of the Holy Scriptures and under the Lordship of Christ.


• We require for church membership just what was required in the New Testament, no more, no less.


• We practice only that baptism taught and practiced in the Scriptures and accepted by every church today — the immersion in water of a penitent believer as a participation in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.


• We share in the communion of the Lord’s Supper on the first day of every week, as was the custom of the early church.


• We preach Christ and Him crucified. You will not hear partisan or personal prejudice promoted from our pulpit.


• We believe all persons of all races are created in the image of God and need the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


• We love the Lord Jesus Christ here at Anchor Christian Church, and we seek to show it through sincere, devoted, and heartfelt worship, and by working harmoniously with each other and within our community for the world outreach of the Gospel.


• We are not the only Christians, but Christians only. We are one local manifestation of Christ’s universal Church on earth. We invite you to share in this wonderful fellowship and new way of life with us. Come join a dynamic and vital congregation devoted to living for Jesus Christ.

Our Staff

Learn more about the staff that helps run Anchor Christian Church

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